Friday, July 31, 2009

GMail Give You An Option To Ditch "on behalf of" WHen Sending Email From Third Party Mail Servers.

Communication Via GMail
GMail announced today that it will provide a way to bypass "On Behalf Of" from your emails, if you are using another From address than your Gmail Address. Some Email programs displayed "From On Behalf Of" to many peoples dismay.
Now Google Gmail is providing you a way to avoid "on Behalf Of".

"To switch to this new method, go to the Accounts page under Settings, and click "edit info" from the "Send mail as" section. Then choose the option to "Use your other email provider's SMTP servers."

We recognize that your other address might not have a server that you can use to send outbound messages — for example, if you use a forwarding alias rather than an actual mailbox, or if your other email provider doesn't support authenticated SMTP, or restricts access to specific IP ranges. For this reason, we've kept the original method as well. Check out our Help Center for further details on these two "send mail as" configuration options.

If you use Google Apps Premier or Education edition and would like to send mail as another address within your domain or within an aliased domain, no sweat. We do all the work behind the scenes so your original username won't be listed in the "Sender" header, and your recipients won't see "on behalf of." "

Official Gmail Blog: Send mail from another address without "on behalf of"


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