Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cooking Up A Business With iPhone.

iPhone In Business

It starts off with something like this for one restaurateur, “I can keep my office with me, in my pocket, at all times.” Patrick Albrecht Owner of Great Food Group Inc.

They seem to have eliminated little problems that affects every small business in big way with the help of iPhone. “Trying to track down information. Who booked the banquet? Where did they leave that piece of paper? But with the iPhone, we know exactly where everything is. And we can access it anywhere, anytime—instantly.”

All the managers, all 15 of them carry iPhones with them. In addition to regular iPhone featureas and apps, these folks use iPhone to access the company’s Bento database, iCal calendars, and enterprise software. They can instantly look up, enter, and revise information about menus, banquets, employee schedules, point-of-sale transactions, and daily reports—from anywhere.

“You hear from every restaurateur that they have to run through the restaurant, the kitchen, maybe up a flight of stairs to their back-office computer, just to enter information or look up a report. We can do that wirelessly, from the bar,” he says.

So after all these fancy tappings and enterprise software, the best thing is about it is that Albrect and the group know exactly when large parties are dining and what they’ll be served. That is some cooking.

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