Friday, July 24, 2009

The British Telephone Booth

Telephone box
Telephone Booth, telephone box or Telephone kiosk reminds nice red box, to those who have been to United Kingdom. I was lucky enough to have been there when I was kid when almost ever strret corner had one.
Those memories came flooding back when I read an article in Google Sightseeing on the same boxes. I also found out that there were many revisions or models of the majestic red booth that provided place to make calls on the street but kept the street noises away. I learned a lot about telephone Booths today. I never knew that there were models from K1-K6 and more. There is even a 12 foot version some where in London.
I think it is good read, and you will be able to follow them on Google Maps as well, the mobile phones of the past!
Google SightSeeing


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