Wednesday, July 29, 2009

AppKonference (Asterikast), High-performance Asterisk Voice/video Conferencing Module.

AppKonference For Asterisk,
Paul Albrecht has announced that a new version of this module has been released and could be downloaded from Sourceforge Developer site. (Link at the end of the article)

App_konference is a channel-independent conference application. It features efficient audio mixing algorithms as well as video selection
support based on VAD, DTMF or CLI.
Appkonference has several design goals:

* It does not require a zap channel for timing.
* It is very efficient when used with channels which support DTX (silence detection/discontinuous transmission).

* It can do VAD on channels which do not support DTX (although this is more expensive than just mixing them, but less expensive then
encoding; therefore it might still be a win).
* It presents messages on the Monitor interface for determine which speakers are active.

Mixing design

* Minimize encoding/decoding, minimize mixing.
* Minimize generational loss from trancoding.
* Usual cases are handled very efficiently:
o One speaker: That speaker's frame is sent directly to each
participant which uses the same codec. It is trancoded
_once_ for each additional codec type used by participants.
o Two speakers: Each speaker gets the other speaker's frames.
The two speaker's frames are decoded and mixed, and then
encoded _once_ for each codec type used by participants.

Video features

* Video passthrough: video from selected member is passed to every member of the conference.
* Multiple ways to select video
- DTMF from conference members
* Ability to set default video sources and to lock/unlock video sources.
App_Konference at SourceForge


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