Thursday, July 16, 2009

Accessible iPhone 3GS, It Speaks Back To You.

iPhone icons speaks back.
There is a nice article about getting your iPhone 3GS to talk back to you with iPhone voiceover. This can be accessed via settings -> General -> accessibility (iPhone 3G users don't try it is not there! :)
Once set, you can follow bit of learning to use iPhone without having to look at it. We tested similar feature on the Google Android phone while back. Basically with this feature on the iPhone 3GS, you can operate everything — read your e-mail, type replies, surf the Web, adjust settings, run apps — by tapping and letting the phone speak what you’re touching. It uses whatever language you like, at a speaking rate you prefer.
iPhone is getting to be accessible.
NY Times "Making the iPhone Icons Speak" article.


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