Tuesday, June 02, 2009

T-Mobile G3 Coming Soon, T-Mobile CTO Confirms.

T-Mobile G2
During an interview with moconews, T-Mobile’s CTO Cole Brodman, confirmed the soon to be released T-Mobile G2, Google phone 2 (Android G2). He said the follow-up device to the T-Mobile G1 will be out in early summer and details of the release would come later this month.
Brodman said the device will run the so-called “cupcake” version of the operating system, which is currently rolling out to T-Mobile G1 subscribers. He wouldn’t say much else about the device, but it sounds like it has a high likelihood of coming from a new handset partner, like Motorola (NYSE: MOT) or Samsung, rather than from HTC, which manufactured the original T-Mobile G1. Brodman: “We’ll have multiple new Android devices—from multiple partners—this year.”


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