Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Switchvox Developer Central Beta Test Suite Walkthrough

SwitchVox Developer Central
Since Digium launched the announced the Switchvox Developer Central Beta, (an online community for developers who are integrating voice and web applications using the Switchvox unified communications solution), a lot has been happening.
The latest addition that one of us tested was the toolbox feature Switchvox Extend API Test Suite which allows you to test any API method calls online. It seemed a bit difficult for me but all that doubt went away after I saw a video, "video walk through SwitchVox Developer Central" posted on the Digium Blog.
The Switchvox Developer Central Beta, and the associated tools and the community are a great asset if you are working with SwitchVox. Please also do not forget to have a look at sections like featured applications and the blog. If you are a beginner, getting started section is the start, (it was for me). Link to the site after the jump;

Switchvox Developer Central Beta
Digium Blog Article


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