Wednesday, June 03, 2009

SIPGATE, Free Phone Service To Unplug Landlines In USA

SIPGATE's recently launched free phone service seem to be going after 100 million landlines or land lines in the USA. After setting up the free account and receiving a free number in my locality, I am sure I will be using the new service, called SIPGATE One more often, perhaps more than my landline(S).
The service utilizes your broadband connection to offer a fully-featured phone service, complete with a free telephone number, no set-up costs and no monthly charges or minimums.
Another plus for the SIPGATE One is, it is capable of using any of your phones, including standard analog phones, mobile phones or VoIP phones. SIPGATE also offers a softphone for your PC. With a VoIP phone, calls to other SIPGATE users are completely free and also the incoming calls on the free U.S. phone number SIPGATE one provides. If you setup a free SIP account, you can use it as a VoIP Phone as well. Out going calls to US and Canada costs 1.9¢ per minute.
Sipgate turns your phone service into a completely web based service. Just like your web based Gmail or YahooMail. You can divert your calls to any number that you are at or call anyone with a single click and manage your calls, voice mails, just like you manage your emails.
There are many other benefits with SIPGATE One, You can setup all your phones, home, cell and office to ring in parallel, so all your calls are following you.
Remember those times that your forgot your cell phone behind? Just divert the calls to cell phone to your nearest phone, be it home office or hotel phone.
You get a call while you were on your way to a meeting and you want to take a note of the phone number and the conversation but you do not have time or a note pad handy, Just press *6 and your conversation will be recorded and you will be able to listen to it later. You can also setup a quick conference to add more people to a conversation. All these are offered without any additional fee.
There are many other features that I missed or not listed. Best would be to visit the SIPGATE and check it out for yourself.
Small Business', start ups, SIPGATE is getting ready to provide a SMB version (SIPGATE SMB)of the service and I know where I am going to test them. I am waiting.


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