Friday, June 19, 2009

iPhone 3GS Upgrades Anyone? It Is Discounted Now!

iPhone 3GS Upgrades
AT&T has announced that it is reducing the extra $200 that it charged for old iphone 3G customers who were not eligible for discounted iPhone 3GS upgrade earlier.
People were dismayed that they would have to pay fill price of $399 for 16GB or $499 for 32GB (I still have to pay as I am not eligible untill next year. But I think I will wait as iPhone 3G is doing what I need at the moment. I think I would rather get a new Android G2 first, unless development needs come first.)
3G owners who would not have been eligible for the best price on an upgrade until July, August or September can get the phone at discounted price now.
Call *639# from your phone and AT&T will text you back letting you know your upgrade options. Following is the message I got! :)
There is a word that twitter had lot to do with the price reduction. AT&T spokesman have mentioned that they are trying to listen, but I guess it would not be easy if the signal level on my phone above is any indication (This is in San Francisco Bay Area, not death valley). Hey AT&T, Skype over WiFi is much better than your wireless most of the time. Fix it!


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