Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Always On Asterisk

Asterisk Always On
John Todd at Digium has a nice little piece about Asterisk and it's future. From secret service mics and headsets to radio communication based on Asterisk, the IP PBX of the future. The always on Asterisk will have lesser needs of keyboards/keypads, screens and mice. The system will use voice recognition and semi implanted listening and talking devices to fulfill our communication needs seamlessly. So we all will be reachable in the daylight hours as well as during twilight hours.
He does not stop there and goes on to hint at iPhones and Androids doing their bits with Asterisk as well. He concludes the article with "Hang on, if you think the volume is loud now about Asterisk being built into everything, the next year is going to be deafening!"
Gread work Todd.

Asterisk: Always On


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