Tuesday, June 02, 2009

4GB iPhone? Call It A Sub $100 iPhone!

T-Mobile 32GB iPhone place holder in Australia (EngadgetMobile).
Sub $100 iPhone
The number of iPhones rumors seem to be increasing proportionately to the number of days we are close to WWDC and the latest make me wonder about the economy not being able to recover any near time. Why? "cos Apple is supposed to be releasing a 4GB iPhone. Perhaps Apple and carriers wondering about 32GB will not attract GrandMas to iPhone?
Yes I am waiting for the new iPhone and if they warrents an upgrade, I will. But the 4GB iPhone, I will pass, both the rumor and the phone. If I am wrong, you can expect a sub $100 iPhone from AT&T.
The rumor came from EnGadget


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