Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nokia Gives Another Reason To Buy An iPhone Or A Google Phone

In it's all wisdom, Nokia seem to have shot it self in the foot by disabling VoIP calls on some of it's phones as Giga Om reports. (I have not tested myself the facts and I have read Giga Om long enough to trust it with facts.). I think it is moronic for Nokia to take this step just to please the carriers.
…the N78 (and also to affect the forthcoming N96) which is that Nokia has very quietly and seemingly sneakily redacted their built-in VoIP / SIP implementation in all phones that come with Symbian Series 60 3rd generation Feature Pack 2 (otherwise abbreviated as S60 3.2).
Since I do not have all the facts, I will direct you to Giga Om's article, enjoy reading and get an iPhone or Blackberry! Ofcourse you can wait a little for the Google Phone thai is coming soon.

Updated to add Giga Om link


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