Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pingtel / SIPfoundry In Nortel's Hands, I Guess Asterisk Was Too Hot!

Why SIPfoundry was a better place for Nortel than Asterisk? Perhaps there might be reasons that you may have thought of. I have worked with SIPfoundry for a long time as well. Actually the SIP Softphone that I have worked on came from SIPFoundry. Now that Pingtel changed hands, a few times to end up in Nortels hand, I hope I continue to see the open source project prosper. SIPfoundry did provide for a niche that we worked on. The first open source conference server we worked on was from SIPfoundry.
I think you too should reaf what I read, The Hyperconnected Enterprise
by Tony Rybcynski from Nortel, on TMC Bloggers. Beelinebill told me about it.


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