Monday, August 18, 2008

Japanese Buy iPhone 3G, Just To Stroke It!

One of us already returned his iPhone 3G because it lacks quality. Constant dropping of calls were one of the reason and the iPhone first G and the 3G at the same place has different number of bars. So it is iPhone 1G and Blackberrys for us.
So we were wondering why do people still flock to iPhone stores and even defend it with their lives. But today I read about another moronic reason to buy an iPhone 3G, "It is so sexy, I bought it just to stroke it" seriously, following is what an author of a serious article about iPhone in Japan and why is so popular despite there are are many many better phones in the market!

"What is the attraction of the iPhone? -- I have been wondering this for quite a long. The iPhone 3G, which I bought for personal use, creates a sense of comfort that tempts me into fiddling it for no special reason." wonders, one of the Japanese I read regularly!
I myself have found Japanese people loving MACs than PCs, most of the people I lnow, uses MAC Book or a MAC Mini. Perhaps all those people are flocking to iPhone 3G hoping for the same quality and the ease of use that MAC OS X offers.

But the rest of the article deals with very interesting information about Japanese mobile market, Mobile industry and making phone catering to networks rather than people, even though phones themselves are really good and capable of delivering a lot in a tiny package. As I have said before I know Japanese people who do not have home phones, they only have Cell phones for all the needs, from talking to broadband.
I think iPhone will make dent in Japan, and the rest of trend followers in the region, South Korea, China, Malayasia, Singapore, Thailand etc.
Good Job Steve, but we think Blackberry is for us! may be your Next Next Gen iPhone!
You can read Toshiyuki Oomori's " iPhone Sheds Light on Weakness of Japanese Handset Makers". It is a good read despite my jokes.
iPhone 3G in Japan.


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