Thursday, August 07, 2008

IP Based VoIP And Convergence Clusters Form YATE and OpaenSIPS Partnership.

Yate Project has announced that it is joining hands with OpenSIPS that newly forked from OpenSER. We recently reported about the OpenSER's new paths and the formation of OpenSIPS by one of the co-founders of OpenSER and about the newly released YATE 2.0.

YATE Project and OpenSIPS collaboration will provide new path for providing open source industry-grade, robust modular platforms for IP-based clustered VoIP systems.This is vod that is asking to be filled.
Following is the news release by the Yate Project;

6th of August 2008, Yate and OpenSIPS (former OpenSER) join to build ip based clusters

Bucharest, Romania - August 6, 2008 - YATE Project and decided to enhance the already informal collaboration by strengthening their common efforts for delivering industry-grade, robust modular platforms for IP-based clustered VoIP systems.

OpenSIPS is an industry grade SIP server, unifying under one roof voice, video, IM and presence. Recently, OpenSIPS launched as a fork of the previously OpenSER project, following a will of cofounder Bogdan-Andrei Iancu to boost the quality and features of OpenSER.

YATE is a softswitch with PBX capabilities. His strengths are flexibility, scalability and stability. Yate is also known for his very powerful conference and IVR, and also for supporting several scripting languages like PHP, Python and Perl.

By combining the exhaustive expertise each project is bringing in the venture, clients will have the chance to benefit from a integrated approach and problem-solving solution in the turmoiled and diverse VoIP environment.

Based on SIP, the common working platform will interoperate seamlessly and efficiently for a diverse realm of VoIP service platforms, from a small hundreds accounts project up to major implementations of over hundreds thousands subscribers. All upgrading smoothly up to any dimension clients will require.

The partnership will likely to produce an integrated solution, combining the latest releases from both projects.


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