Tuesday, August 19, 2008

So What Are those iPhone Trouble And Whom To Blame?

iPhone 3G Reception Problems? Yes, The problems seem to have started as soon as the Phone was released on 11th July. But people were too busy stroking their new and sleek phones, they could not believe that the phone could have any problems. Of course ignore those activation glitches, they were because of those servers that could not keep up with the demand.
So the problems seem to involve 3G service as we too mentioned in our previous article. Bad reception, equally bad and wavering signal strength, Slow data speeds and worse, dropped calls. (I have been known to throw phones when that happens and I always took those expensive insurance form the phone companies that were looking to make an extra bucks. So I could afford to throw one or two phones!.
Back to iPhone troubles, I have been following discussion threads on Apple's board from the beginning and on the first thread I read statements like;
""Two cups and a string could get better reception!""
But there were no proper answeres tot he question regarding reception question raised. People have gone through software upgrades and such but without success in getting better working iPhone. In the last thread one user mentioned that he is having trouble with both Softbank, Japan (Now we know why those Japanese were stroking their iPhones.) and AT&T thus concluding that the problem lies with the phone!
That thread you can find here. So far I have not seen any response from Apple. So it will be interesting to know how many phone did get returned!. The current active Discussion thread is here.
I would blame Steve Jobs for all this trouble. Let him go and find the one to blame and fire! If you want more information on the subject, you can follow this Slashdot discussion as well. And if yoou are still unhappy, get a Blackberry!

First thread at Apple which got locked and continued here only to be continued in the above thread.
iPhone 3G Reception Problems?


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