Wednesday, August 06, 2008

OpenSER Changes Name to Kamailio and gives Birth To OpenSIPS!

I Just got a book on OpenSER from RavenII for reading and to write a review. I have been a fan of OpenSER since it began. Actually I was all over Iptel's SER befor that and when all the developers, well almost all, left to start OpenSER, I too followed.
Since then we have collectively deployed OpenSER in various in Public and private installations. Mostly with combination of Asterisk and Asterisk hardware from Digium (Asterisk being the gateway for OpenSER). In the open source SIP world, besides SER, and OpenSER, there are hardly any other that is useful to us. Yes we have used a few other stacks but non in the level on OpenSER.
Now if you remember, SER (I am still loyal to SER for starting SIP Revolution) was forked to create OpenSER and since OpenSER became Kamailio (how do you pronounce that? Just imagine my plight! Hello customer I am here to service OpenS.. err Kamailio! What? you are doing what??) I think I might stick with OpenSIPS! (if it is as good or better than OpenSER) at least my customers will not hear the difference, OpenSER <-> OpenSIPS OpenSIPS is a fork of OpenSER/Kamailio. If you have not read, don't forget to read OpenSer VS SER!
Now the book, which was published by Packt, OpenSER Book will be reviewed here, unless the publishers change the name!


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