Friday, June 13, 2008

Quick Conference (QC), a SIP-based Audio Conferencing Solution From CounterPath

CounterPath has announced the general availability of Quick Conference (QC), a SIP-based audio conferencing solution that allows businesses to manage their own in-house conferencing services while simplifying the end-user experience.
According to their press release, with Quick Conference any one could set up an audio conference, on-site or remotely, by dialing an extension off the enterprise PBX and then selecting an ad-hoc, four-digit bridge number of their choice. But it is also possible for a company that uses QC to reserve a four-digit bridge number permanently for each employee. The conferencing solution removes the complexity and usage limitations associated with traditional hosted conferencing services, allowing any employee to set up a conference bridge in seconds. So no more calling the company secretary to setup and assign conferences.

"In a global economy powered by knowledge workers and distributed workforces, audio conferencing has become a mission-critical service within the enterprise," said Rob Brown, Vice President of Customer Marketing, CounterPath. "Quick Conference allows businesses to give every employee access to enterprise-class conferencing services while actually reducing operating expenses by running those services off their PBX. In combination with QC's four-digit simplicity, our conferencing solution increases employee productivity, workplace satisfaction and levels of customer service, creating a winning proposition for both SMB and enterprise customers."

Quick Conference can be integrated with any PBX through SIP trunking or a SIP/TDM gateway and offers a range of security features to ensure the privacy and integrity of a conference call. QC can also be deployed as a managed hosted service, residing both inside and outside the enterprise network. The solution is available through CounterPath and select OEM partners.

Custom applications and plug-ins can be integrated with QC through the solution's Web Services architecture, designed to enable customer-driven extensibility. The solution also has flexible white-label options that allow customers to brand the offering with their own design preferences.

QC is available in eight languages: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese and Arabic.

You can find more information here.


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