Friday, June 13, 2008

Puma Tricks Boots, UEFA Euro 2008 and Conference Calls! Where is Asterisk!

It takes a real football (Real Football too or Soccer to you) fan to understand another. Often times watching the UEFA Euro 2008 from afar is very hard as there is no one to watch it with. Yes sometimes we have friends from South America to watch with but it is nothing like the home crowd, my brothers, sisters, and neighbors.
Watching Holland massacre the French was so much fun but I was very alone. Of course my phone would ring as soon as I answer, I have to put the caller on hold, to answer to another. Then my mobile would ring it is calling mess. I was thinking of converting my Asterisk Server to be a conference call handler when I got the news that Puma is setting up conference calls for Football fans. PUMA is talking to hearts of Football fans with their "Together Everywhere" wireless campaign. . Check it out at
"The program automatically connects up to 10 supporters on a free conference call every time their team scores in the European Championships. Participants sign up online or through a WAP interface to select their national side and download a free ring tone of a team chant or song. Each time their team scores, the ring tone will be triggered. If the participant answers, they'll be placed in a goal celebration conference call with other fans they've never met or with a private group of friends or family they define. According to the website, the experience works like this: "Imagine you're watching the game at a local pub, your dad's watching at home, your brother's at the game in Zurich, and your best friend is studying abroad and watching in Paris. When your team scores, you'll be immediately conferenced together to share those amazing, crazy moments of goal-induced joy." Available in 13 countries, it's the first ever pan-European, event-triggered ring tone campaign. Will this open up some crazy new field of event-triggered mobile conference calling - something that could well be applied to sports, politics, and many more areas of endeavour in the future? Time will tell".
I still may have to setup my conference server because USA is not in the list, understandably, this is a Euro Cup!.
But I entered to win a pair of Puma Tricks boots at Sky Sports!


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