Friday, June 06, 2008

"OpenSER Advanced Programming Course" Offered Free In Bucharest, Romania, 11th - 15th of August 2008

Following the OpenSER training started last year at the VON Europe, the second edition of the "OpenSER Advanced Programming Course" will be held in Bucharest, Romania, starting with 11th of August 2008.

According to the organizers the primary goal is the same: to attract more developers to openSER and build a higher development squad. Having a large developer group will promote the project so we have even stronger OpenSER product and extension.

There are three major upgrades from last edition:
  • free participation - there will be no fees for attending to this course; you just need to register.
  • there will be 4 days course instead of 3 days
  • the course will contain also a practical work where the students will have the chance to consolidate the knowledge they have accumulated during the theoretical presentations. The course will have a 60% - 40% distribution between theory and practice.

If you are willing to learn the inner working of openSER, this is the course to take as focused towards the people willing to learn how to develop OpenSER extensions.
The course will follow the idea of writing a new openser module from scratch, with all the dependencies it has from the core: dynamic memory usage, MI interface, registering timers, locking, exporting pseudo-variables, etc

The course is sponsored courtesy of :
  • Packt Publishing (donating 5% of the revenue from the Flavio E. Goncalves's "Building Telephony Systems with OpenSER" book.) (I will be writing a bit about the book as soon as I finish reading it!)
  • Voice System (logistics and hosting)
Teachers from the OpenSER development team will be:
As, said, the registration is free, but the class is limited as size up to 17 - 20 people. The seats will be granted on the "first in, first served" policy :).

For registration, you need to mail or to . You will receive a confirmation response to guarantee your registration.


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