Thursday, June 19, 2008

Open Telephony Training Seminar At Digium Head Quarters!.

The dates have changed for this seminar. Please refer to this newer VoIP IP Telephony post

I have writen earlier about OTTS, Open Telephony Training Seminar by the people (Organizers) at FreePBX. After the recent hula hoop dance by Fonality crew, it is music in your ears to hear that Digium is hosting the next OTTS and it's headquarters building in Huntsville, Alabama!. I think it is very good and very good reason for you to take a trip to Alabama, you can hit two birds with one stone. You get the trining on telephony and you get to see the Digium people!.
Anyway It is a good feeling when people communicate, coherently.

Open Telephony Training Seminar
Where: Digium Headquarters, Huntsville, AL
When: August 12-15th, 2008

This is what Philippe posted;
"Today I bring you more evidence of the synergy by announcing our next seminar to take place at the one an only, Asterisk Ground Zero, at Digium’s Headquarters in Huntsville, AL. “One of Digium’s primary goals is to expand the use of the Asterisk telephony engine and to be a good corporate citizen within the Asterisk ecosystem. To further this aim, we have contributed to the FreePBX project in various ways, including taking an active role in supporting their OTTS training program. We are happy to strengthen the relationship with the FreePBX project, and are proud to host their next seminar in our state-of-the-art training facility.” says Jared Smith, World Wide Training Manager for Digium, Inc. and co-author of the one and only Asterisk: The Future of Telephony (O'Reilly Media). We are thrilled to have this opportunity and have appreciated the support Digium has provided and the training material and presentations that Jared Smith has delivered in our sessions."


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