Saturday, June 14, 2008

Heart Of iPhone 3G, and iPhone Jailbreak Release for 2.0elease for 2.0

Ever wondered what actually will be driving the iPhone 3G? The folks at ZiPhone spotted snippet of code in iPhone 2.0 (link to an image of the code is provided at the end of the article) that points finger at a "SGOLD3," which could very well refer to Infineon's S-GOLD3H chip, which is also known as the PMB8878, a 7.2Mbps HSDPA chip with all the video acceleration and media playback features iPhone users have come to expect. Advantages over its predecessor include higher resolution camera support of 5 MP, a 2x speed MMC / SD interface and DVB-H module support and complete specs are below.

According to a status blog at ZiPhone, Apple's iPhone firmware 2.0 investigation has been very interesting. With ZiPhone Beta 7 (Link below), they've successfully unlocked the iPhone's baseband restrictions. This proves that Ziphone's next jailbreak release for 2.0 will be able to make the carrier lock on the newly announced iPhone 3G useless.
After jailbreaking the firmware prefixed as ICE2 version 1.43, ZiPhone managed to course through a list of carriers officially supported by the iPhone. The list provides all the 3G service carriers in each country that Apple has officially made a distribution deal with. The list matches up with the known Apple carriers.

The PMB 6592 SMARTi 3GE Chip Information
PMB 6592 SMARTi 3GE - One Chip Dual Mode W-CDMA/EDGERF Transceiver, is an industry leading dual mode transceiver based on the SMARTi PM quad-band GSM/EDGE and SMARTi 3G six-band W-CDMA transceiver architecture in a laminate based PG-TFSGA-121 package. SMARTi 3GE offers significant board area reduction for creating the smallest dual-mode mobile solutions. A standard 3-wire bus programming interface, compatible with most basebands, allows easy integration into wireless devices. A p p l i c a t i o n s ■ W-CDMA: multi-band operation for 3GPP bands I through VI ■ Quad-band GSM/EDGE (GSM850/GSM900/GSM1800/GSM1900) ■ HSDPA capable (up to category 8) F e a t u r e s ■ General – 0.13 ┬Ám RF-CMOS transceiver – 3-wire bus for control and programming – Power down modes and integrated power up sequencer – Supply voltages 1.4 V ... 1.6 V and 2.7 V ... 2.95 V – Optional additional supply voltage from 1.71 V ... 3.0 V – Operating temperature range -30°C to 85°C – 3GPP standard compliance release 5/6 for W-CDMA part, release 4 for GSM part – Low external component count ■ GSM/EDGE – Constant gain quad band direct conversion receiver – GPRS/EDGE class 1 to 12/type1 – Four integrated LNAs – Fully integrated channel filter – Highly linear RF quadrature demodulator – Automatic DC offset compensation – Very low power budget – Digital Sigma-Delta modulator for GMSK – Polar modulator architecture for 8PSK ■ W-CDMA – Direct conversion receiver, direct modulation transmitter – Independent Rx and Tx operation – Complete Rx analog baseband path including filtering – HSDPA capable

An image of code snippet that I found on the web,
ZiPhone Status Blog


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