Wednesday, June 04, 2008

fring for Nokia S60 devices (Symbian 9), de-bugged, improved & enriched!

We have written about Fring for a long time here and it continues to give us information to write about and enhancements to it's users, Fringsters. If you did not know what Fring is an application for your mobile devices, which allows you to communicate with landline, mobile phones and other “fingsters” over mVoIP. Fringsters can communicate with contacts using SkypeOut and other SIP providers, Google Talk, MSN messenger, and Twitter, all via a single integrated contact list.

According to a post on Fring Blog, Fring for Nokia S60 or Fring for Symbian 9.X devices, Fring 3.35 has been released after being de-bugged, enriched, and improved. The version 3.35 has apparently improved stability, significantly less interruption, logouts, better quality voice all round. So if you are a Fring user you should be a happy person. This version also an added speakerphone for Symbian 9.2 if you have it, Like Nokia N95. You also get file transfer enabled on Yahoo! and Skype allowing the swapping of all sort of files like, music, images and video over 3G or Wifi from mobile to PC, mobile to mobile, without need for Bluetooth, MMS, and cable or infrared.

The easiest way to update your fring version is to point your mobile internet WAP browser at and download fring directly to your mobile.

If you find any bugs or other annoyances you can help Fring and other Fring users by sending Fring the information.


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