Thursday, June 19, 2008

AA300 Appliance Added To Digium | Switchvox™ IP PBX Line

This is something I missed posting due to being busy getting ready for the NXTCOMM and since I think it is very important move in the Digium | Asterisk, I decided to publish their press release regarding the product.
I have not used the product but I will be able to witness the product being deployed in very new future at a branch office of a company I consult. If this deployment goes well, mixture of products will be deployed at other branch offices located nationwide and a few international offices.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., June 9, 2008—
Digium®, Inc.,, the Asterisk® Company, today announced that it has executed on the initial planned build-out of the Switchvox™ appliance family with the release of the Digium|Switchvox AA300 appliance. The new product, a flexible, easy-to-use IP PBX, gives companies with up to 150 users a turnkey business telephone solution based on Asterisk software. It is the latest offering from Digium following that company's fall 2007 acquisition of Switchvox. The AA300 is available immediately and is backed by Digium's Exceptional Satisfaction Program (ESP) guarantee. Digium has also recently delivered two other Switchvox appliances, a free, downloadable version of the Switchvox IP PBX software and a combined reseller program.

Digium created and is the driving force behind the open source Asterisk telephony project and Switchvox is the most widely used IP PBX based on Asterisk. Last year, Digium acquired Switchvox and has quickly integrated the two companies' offerings to provide customers with a wide range of options for benefitting from the power, flexibility and feature set enabled by Asterisk. By implementing Switchvox software on Digium appliances, customers now have the ease of use and rich feature set of Switchvox, plus the reliability and convenience of appliances. The Digium|Switchvox appliance family provides options for businesses with up to 400 users, plus an easy upgrade path for growing companies, a money-back guarantee, and subscriptions for professional support and maintenance.

"The integration of Switchvox into Digium has moved ahead quickly, and the AA300 with SMB 3.5 software is the latest result of our continuing progress," said Joshua Stephens, Digium's General Manager, San Diego Operations. "Customers and our channel partners are benefitting from the rapid delivery of Switchvox on appliances that can be up and running supporting calls just about as soon as they come out of the box and that can be easily upgraded as customers need more features or add users. The result of all our work is more options for customers that let them get rid of expensive phone systems, yet keep all the functionality of a PBX designed for the largest businesses."

A Switchvox IP PBX for Every Company
The introduction of the Digium|Switchvox AA300 appliance provides a mid-sized solution for the Switchvox product family. Digium|Switchvox appliances are now available on three systems that provide a fit for a wide range of companies:

The AA60 appliance, which features Switchvox SOHO or Switchvox SMB, supports up to 30 users and is ideal for demanding small offices or home offices that need a professional phone system in a small form factor.

The AA300 appliance, which features Switchvox SMB, supports up to 150 users and is ideal for medium-sized businesses that want the power of a server-class PBX.

The AA350 appliance, which features Switchvox SMB, supports up to 400 users and is a redundant rack-mount server that is ideal for larger customers that want the highest level of performance and peace of mind.

The newly introduced AA300 is a medium-sized appliance that can be used on a tabletop or in a rack. It supports up to 150 users and up to 45 simultaneous calls. It also supports up to 10 recorded calls and up to 15 simultaneous conference calls.

Highlights of the new Digium|Switchvox AA300 include:

Full coverage by the Digium Exceptional Satisfaction Program, the strongest guarantee in open source telephony, which gives customers their money back if the product is defective or fails to perform as described. VoIP ready—No extra hardware is necessary to connect to SIP or IAX voice over IP trunks.

A standard one-year warranty and optional three-year warranty. Support for analog and T1/E1 interfaces gives customers flexibility in working with their existing network.

A choice of three subscription plans to suit every company's support and service needs.

Pricing and Availability
Pricing for the Digium|Switchvox AA300 with SMB 3.5 software begins at U.S. $4,240, with substantial discounts available when customers purchase the product from Digium partners. It is available immediately.


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