Monday, May 12, 2008

VoIP IP Telephony Is Being Honored! We Are In The "Top 100+ Telecom Industry Blogs"

It is great to see when someone recognizes your work. VoIP Now has just done that! It is even greater to be listed among your peers, the best 100+ of them for that matter. I have to admire the work one has to put on to collect such data, analyze it and select best 100 out of the lot to create Top 100+ Telecom Industry Blogs.
Because we are such a niche and at the same time very widely known of late, you basically knows your peers. You move among these peers recognizing them for what they are good at. We bring information together so that others can see and digest them as needed. So when VoIP Now decided to make a list of information providers, information 2.0, I like to know what the author has to go through.
But these are not just gestures. I have written a few thesis in English and they did accomplish what they were intended for. But I am no means a writer, nor English is my first language. But I did something today. I am going to learn to write! I will be taking an English Writing class, which I have never done before! So VoIP Now, your work has not been in vain, at least you directed this blogger to learn something, and make it easier for who ever reads this to understand what I am trying to say.
To Others, if you think my writing is bad, wait till you hear me!
We have been on the list of "The VoIP-News Top 25 VoIP Blogs of 2007" but Sorry David only now I realized the value of these awards.
Thank you VoIP Now!


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