Tuesday, May 20, 2008

DAHDI, Digium Asterisk Hardware Device Interface, Replceces ZAPTEL

Due to trademark issues with ZAPTEL, Digium has changed the ZAPTEL name tp DAHDI, Digium Asterisk Hardware Device Interface. Even though it is just a name change, there are much more work to do in order to achieve it. In any case it is going to be a gradual process as explained below. So if you use Asterisk and Zaptel, Please be aware of the change.

"Beginning immediately, we are going to work on renaming Zaptel to DAHDI, which stands for Digium Asterisk Hardware Device Interface. When DAHDI 2.0.0 (the first version) is released, it will contain nearly all the functionality of Zaptel 1.4, except for Linux kernel 2.4 support, devfs support, and drivers for some very outdated (and no longer available) Digium hardware (torisa and wcusb). Zaptel 1.2 will continue to be released in new versions as bugs are found and fixed, but when DAHDI 2.0.0 is released there will be no more releases of Zaptel 1.4.

Asterisk 1.6.0 will use DAHDI exclusively (it will not have support for Zaptel), although this will be done in a highly backwards-compatible way so that disruption to existing dialplans and configurations will be minimized.

Asterisk 1.4 will continue to have support for Zaptel, although it will be enhanced to also transparently support DAHDI instead, and the documentation (and default configuration files) will encourage new users to use DAHDI instead of Zaptel.

Asterisk 1.2 will be unaffected by these changes.
It is unfortunate that all of us have to bear the inconvenience of this change, but we will try to ensure that it is as easy for users to switch from Zaptel to DAHDI as we can make it.
For continuing updates on this process, including additional upgrade notes and other information, please monitor the page at:



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