Monday, July 16, 2007

Yoomba makes your email talk!

Claiming to be the world’s only open communications experience, where any email address can be instantly contacted by you for free - simply by calling or chat. According to the creators, with Yoomba, every email address becomes a phone or messenger. So why not email call or email chat with friends, family or colleagues around the world for free?

There is no need for a new email address, a new ID, or another phone number - you just activate and Yoomba!

Yoomba offers unique one-touch buttons which appear in your preferred email application, making connecting to anyone just one click away, and with Yoomba you also have access to your most popular contacts, at a glance. Whether it’s Outlook, webmail or simply from your browser – don’t change a thing – just Yoomba.

There are over one billion email addresses around the world and with Yoomba you can talk to all of them.No more “searching” or “adding” contacts in different kinds of networks and apps. With Yoomba, all your contacts simply show up!

I like the part No registration. Yoomba is totally free and you can immediately call or chat with your most frequently contacted friends, at the touch of a button.

The service requires a small download which adds 'click to call' buttons to the user's email messages and address books, which when clicked will send a message to the contact including a link. According to the developers, the service is based on a P2P network, perhaps similar to Skype
When the recipient clicks on the link, a VoIP call is set up between them and the Yoomba user and they can begin chatting.

I just down loaded mine! Yoomba – Now you’re talking...


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