Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Video over IP for Live TV at WSB-TV

T-VIPS, a technology company that designs, builds and supplies world-leading solutions for contribution & distribution of broadcast quality video signals over IP networks, and its North American business partner Controlware Communications Systems, Inc., announced today that T-VIPS TVG-420s have been deployed at WSB-TV. The application enables the Atlanta station to provide live remote compressed HD feeds over IP using microwave links, from ENG relay stations back to the WSB-TV studio. Controlware Communications Systems, Inc. supplied the market leading T-VIPS solution, achieving full operational status in early June.

The T-VIPS TVG-420 solution provides exceptional reliability through its forward error correction module, an absolute requirement when we put remote news locations live on-air, states Gary Alexander, WSB-TV Chief Engineer. The broadcast quality compressed HD signal of about 20Mbps, wrapped in ASI, is supplied to the TVG420, then IP encapsulated with highly robust error correction and supplied to the microwave radio input for line-of-sight transmission to our studio complex. Where it is de-encapsulated to ASI by the receiver side T-VIPS TVG420 and externally decoded to HD-SDI for news master control switching.

A pioneering TV broadcaster first on-air in 1948 and based in Atlanta, Georgia, WSB-TV Channel 2 is a highly successful Cox-owned ABC affiliate. Recent Nielsen Media Research ratings show that WSB-TV wins 21 of 24 hours of the total broadcast day each weekday in the Atlanta market. Perennial hit shows like Oprah, Regis and Kelly, and Entertainment Tonight along with ABC programs like Good Morning America, The View and ABC World News Tonight, draw the largest and most loyal audiences, and, when layered in with the power of Channel 2 Action News, create strength in reach and coverage unparalleled in other major markets.

Key Features of T-VIPS TVG-420:

  • Transmission of MPEG2 Transport Streams over Gigabit Ethernet
  • Flexible Forward Error Correction
  • Redundancy
  • End-to-end Quality of Service
  • Compact, cost-effective solutions
  • User-friendly configuration and control

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