Sunday, July 22, 2007

Truphone wins in court against T-Mobile in UK

In what might turn out to be a landmark decision for mobile VoIP, Truphone, a mobile VoIP service provider, has won a court injunction;
Truphone press office: Truphone wins court injunction against T-Mobile blocking tactics,
against T-Mobile. According to the ruling T-Mobile UK must allow Truphone application to be used on cell phones operating on T-Mobile contracts.

Truphone’s ability to get an injunction against T-Mobile in this case must be showing as a five bar signal on other wireless phone providers. Those must be in drawing rooms with their lawyers rethinking how to deal with these industry disruptors, perhaps forcing them to aadapt and provide their own mobile VoIP. The Truphone case is the first of it's kind that interim relief was granted against a mobile network operator under the Competition Act in UK.

A video showing the victorious Truphone CEO James Tagg, could be found here;
iWantmyGTV: Truphone CEO James Tagg, After injunction win against T-Mibile

If you are still wondering What Truphone is it routes your mobile calls via the internet. That means free mobile calls to other Truphone users & very cheap calls to anyone else.


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