Saturday, July 28, 2007

TeleBlend snaps Sunrocket assets. Offers lower rates with old numbers

As reported by Narayan Bhat of TMC and Russell Shaw of ZDNet, Teleblend has acquired strategic assets of SunRocket, the now defunct VoIP provider. According to the Teleblend site, now the SunRocket customers will be able to keep their old numbers as well as receive service for discount;
SunRocket Subscribers! The best value in Internet phone service is still available. TeleBlend Internet phone service offers you outstanding customer service along with all of the products and features of SunRocket. We have already been successful in getting your services restored and ready to go. Included is a special offer only available to SunRocket customers. Until the end of your annual contract, TeleBlend will give you the exact same services you know and love for only $12.95/month. (if no annual contract, the fee will be $19.95 a month)

Take advantage of:
• No startup costs
• FREE activation
• USE your existing hardware
• FREE and quick transfer of your current number
• UNLIMITED calling to the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico

The terms and conditions could be found here.


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