Friday, July 13, 2007

Security for your VoIP

I am sure you never thought about security when you picked up the phone to call some one. Then you got that skype or Gizmocall on your computer and called some one. I doubt you thought about security then. If you did not much more than asa would be annoyance.
But all of us know that security is a serious consideration when it comes to VoIP deployed in your corporation or your small office, even your SOHO business. Because at this point, a lot of things depends on your phone service, your VoIP service.
People spend a lot of money when it comes to security of WEB and EMAIL servers that are exposed to the NET, world wide net, Internet!, Firewalls, IDS etc.
When you expose your phone systems to the open Internet, you need to take same precautions. So how do I do it, What do I need to do?
Tom Olzak over at Tech Republic has brought all together in one article. VoIP threats: Beyond eavesdropping
Have a read!


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