Friday, July 20, 2007

Qwest Being sued for VoIP Patent violation by RTI Inc.

Rates Technology Inc (RTI), which has sued high-profile companies like Nortel Networks, Google Inc. and Vonage Holdling Corp, seeking billions of dollars in damages, now has set its sights on Qwest Inc. Most cases that were mentioned above resulted in settlement agreements.

Rich Tehrani of TMC did speak with RTI after it sued Google.

RTI's complaint against Qwest said the suit came about after Qwest ignored RTI's earlier requests to settle the matter out of court. The case was filed July 16 in federal district court in Delaware.

RTI, based in Smithtown, N.Y., has demanded an injunction to stop Qwest from selling VoIP services that uses it's patented technology. It also demands Qwest recall all such products sold previously.

The 24-year-old company holds several important VoIP patents and has reached agreements with more than 140 companies who provides services based on VoIP technology.


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