Saturday, July 14, 2007

OpenPBX changes name to callweaver and gives you a new release!

It almost escaped me and the CallWeaver development team has released its first release since the name change from OpenPBX, Callweaver 1.2RC4. New features include new dialplan parsing logic for higher scalability, full T.38 support in all three modes on SIP (gateway, endpoint, and passthrough) and new codecs from Steve Underwood’s spandsp library to name a few. Grab the tar ball from and join in.
If you are wondering what callweaver is; it a community-driven, vendor-independent, cross-platform, open source, PBX software project (formerly known as It was originally derived from Asterisk. Now it supports analog and digital PSTN telephony, multi-protocol voice over IP telephony, fax, software-fax, T.38 fax over IP and many telephony applications such as IVR, conferencing and callcenter queue management.


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