Thursday, July 05, 2007

New Skype 3.5 beta released

The new Beta version of Skype includes a number of new features and fixes a range of previous problems.

The new release accommodates following new features:

  • Add video to mood and chat message
  • Video snapshot
  • What’s New Guide
  • Support for Firewire Digital cameras

Full list of changes in comparison with previous in new release,, is here:

  • change: Change SkypeMe status to Online for users under 16
  • change: Updated all language files
  • change: IE Plugin updated (
  • bugfix: When menu was opened it needed 2 clicks to answer a call on tray notification
  • bugfix: Latvian installer did not work
  • bugfix: Installer did not remember custom install location
  • bugfix: Profile phone number text was cropped
  • bugfix: Autoredial attempts were wrongly counted
  • bugfix: Skype contacts were shown as SkypeOut contacts when sending SMS
  • ......
Above is only a portion of the list provided by Raul over at Share Skype

Video snapshot

This Beta version lets you take video snapshots of the person you’re calling, so whether it’s a reminder of your partner to take with you when you’re travelling on business, or just a snapshot of a particularly silly pair of sunglasses, there’s something for everyone here.

Video sharing

With this version, you can share video in chats and in your mood message — make your conversations come alive with some of the best clips on the web.

Get 3.5 Beta

If you’re keen to try it out, go ahead and download the updated Beta version of Skype.


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