Wednesday, July 04, 2007

iHackedPhone! iPhone Hacked!

Independence for iPhone has arrived. If you did not care to make calls on it without AT&T edge network but want to use it for video, VoIP, Music and wireless web stuff (iPDA) (You could not do these without activation), So SUE Me has a solution.
He has created a I Phone activation server which is available with source code. Then you are all set with the idevice. Because you cannot make any calls with it unless a VoIP call over Wireless.

"I’ve found a way to activate a brand new unactivated iPhone without giving any of your money or personal information to AT&T NSA. The iPhone does not have phone capability, but the iPod and WiFi work. Stay tuned!"

So get the server and activate your iDevice.

But how do I setup those Magic iTunes numbers?
Fear not! Help wiki is here! Wow, Gizmodo steals?
it gives you;
Activating an iPhone via AT&T Loophole

Originally posted at by Seth Fogie

1.) Be an AT&T customer

2.) 'Upgrade' your phone/plan to the iPhone and get activated and connected.........

Activating an iPhone using another iPhone

Originally posted at The iPhone Blog

And stolen without credit by Gizmodo

1.) Obtain 2 iPhones....

and much more....

Hacked iPhone photo came from this site.


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