Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Get an iPhone for $400! may be $300

I saw this post on Brad Ideas and I think it is a great idea if you did not run in and got your iPhone already. This is only a one idea that I thought was easiest, Brad gives more ideas they work on other phones as well! Follow the link to see the original article!

Go to AT&T and buy a fancy Treo 750 for $200 (it goes around $300 on craigslist) after rebates with 2 year contract. I can pretty much promise you will get $400 for that on eBay and I have seen them go to $500, unlocked. Then go back to AT&T and get an iPhone and transfer your treo service to your iPhone. Sell the Treo and pocket $200, so you really only paid $400 for the iPhone. (This requires that you be able to convert your Treo’s plan to the better priced iPhone plan, but I think that is possible though it may require a plan at the same level, in which case only do this if that is what you want.)
How to get a subsidy on any phone (even an iPhone)


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