Saturday, July 14, 2007

ASTLinux, Trixbox, Ferrari, Prius they are not all Apples!

Kristian used a Toyota Siena in his example but I used Prius as it is closer to my real life situation! I used to like high power cars but one day rented a small Prius car. Although I was little uncomfortable, I was traveling at the same speeds (about 65 mph) but saving a lot of gas (from 14 miles per gallon to 45-50 mile per gallon!).

Kristian of ASTLinux fame has done a very nice article on comparison of ASTLinux and TrixBox. First I was wondering where he was going then it hit me! I think if you know Asterisk and have been plying with it's numerous incarnations, this is a good read.
Kristian, I like fast big hose power cars with stick shift! But I also liked what you wrote about. I think you hit the nail right on the spot.
"In my VMWare session, it (Trixbox) also uses over 200MB of RAM (doing nothing). AstLinux comes in at about 20MB of RAM (doing nothing). That's a smaller but still significant factor of 10."

Well that's why I like ASTLinux for where there is not much room and less resources, Trixbox for people who like mice and nice screens a lot. (these are about 75 present of people ask for)

Here is the artile by Kristian Kielhofner, the creator of ASTLinux!

I use both the products! in different situations. Both does what it supposed to do but I will not compare the two. It will be like comparing my Ferrari (only in dreams) to my Prius (real, 'cos I love this earth). Both are cars! I dream about Ferrari and love and use Prius every day!


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