Friday, January 12, 2007

iPhone, Demo, Google maps, and GPS

Blog de alepod has published a iPhone presentation demo by Steve Jobs. If you have not seen the demo you can go there or find it on youtube.
The question is Google maps are great but will we have GPS. The rumors about Apple Macs getting GPS enabled have been known for a while.Also known is that iPhoto code has links to Google Maps. New Macs will have a GPS chip incorporated and the Mac OS X.. will be aware of it.
The Apple Blog is happy to blog about Apple GPS rather than iPhone, so I added two together.
Since iPhone runs Mac OS X.., the GPS features are builtin to iPhone already or will ve have to wait for the next version of iPhone.
I am sure if it was enabled, Steve Jobs would not have let it pass without showing it. So GPS enabled iPhoto on your iPhone might be for those who wait. Unless one has many a $599 to spend.

Blog de alepods iphone presentation
The Apple Blog peels Apple GPS


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