Thursday, January 17, 2013

Oh! Instagram, Here Comes Flickr App From Yahoo!

Instagram vs Yahoo Flickr App

If you are one of those who like to share, photos, a lot of photos, of your breakfast coffee to dinner desert, you got another friend, I meant another app, which some say better than instagram, that you are using now.
Flickr as a web service is fantastic and everyone of us have at least a single photo on Flickr, sharing with someone or the whole world.
Yahoo is wrapping up all that goodness in a mobile app, Flickr for iPhone and doing a very good job of it. The app has been around but the new update brings bunch of good stuff like filters and effects that allows one to make their photos artsy or appear nothing like the original.
App also allows you to share these photos with your Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts, opening up another avenue for you photos to search for 15 second fame.
But unlike the Instagram, this app is loaded with a very good set of tools, the kind that professional photographers would love. Perhaps they will be able to share what the photos looks like which they took with the professional cameras. Sort of a preview of great works yet to be uploaded in their multi megabit goodness'
Here is how Yahoo explains it on the Apple App Store page;

  • - Capture and create stunning photos: Take photos with the app’s easy-to-use camera and make them your own with all new filters, editing features, and geo-tagging. 
  • - Share your photos with anyone, anywhere: Instantly share with your Flickr groups and Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or email contacts. You pick.
  • - Discover the world through photos: The most interesting images in the world live on Flickr. Rediscover the world and be inspired by the Flickr community of photo hobbyists.
  • - Experience high-quality, high-resolution photos: Flickr maintains the original quality of your photos so they look as crisp and stunning as the moment you snapped the photo.  Your photos always look better on Flickr!

✓ Custom filters enhance your photos plus photo correction, retouching and many other tools
✓ Access your Flickr photos on any device – phone, tablet, computer and Apple TV!
✓ Connect with others around shared interests. Whether it’s food, travel, or anything else – Flickr has more than 1.6M groups, so there’s bound to be a Group that interests you!
✓ New justified layout photo display makes your personal photostream look amazing
✓ See recent photo activities from your friends and family. Make comments or mark them as favorites.
✓ Flexible, personal privacy options to make your photos as public or private as you want


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