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Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 2 Gets Android Jelly Bean Upgrades

Android Jelly Bean Upgrades Comes to Galaxy Tab 2 and Galaxy Note 10.1.

The new Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy Tab 2 updates will bring new features while enhancing the bevy of features they already have integrated. Galaxy Note 10.1 owners will now be able to get  Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, the latest version of Android and enjoy the features of the Android OS. The updates are available over-the-air (OTA) or through Samsung Kies (while connected to your PC via a USB cable), depending on your carrier. If you need help in upgrading, follow this link.

The update will bring;
  • Smooth Transitions: Moving between home screens and switching between apps feels effortless, like turning pages of a book.
  • Expandable, Actionable Notification: Get an even deeper look into the things that matter most and start a task directly from the notifications view.
  • Auto Placing Widget: Place widgets on the screen—others are automatically replaced. Learn how to update your Galaxy Note 10.1.
The user experiences include;
  • Samsung Gallery: Now, you can view your gallery in three different view modes—timeline view, grid view, spiral view. In the grid view, a navigation bar at the left lets you easily switch between album
  • My Files: Manage your images, videos, music, documents and custom categories separately.
  • Internet: Slide your thumb from the left or right edge to zoom in and out.
  • Paper Artist: Turn every photo into a work of art. Paper Artist is full of cool effects and filters.

RIDGEFIELD PARK, N.J., January 16, 2013– Samsung Electronics America Inc., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today announced the availability of updates to Android 4.1™, Jelly Bean for both its award-winning Galaxy Note™ 10.1 and its popular Galaxy Tab 2 devices for the Wi-Fi versions. 
Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 upgrade includes all the performance benefits of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean as well as Premium Suite, a collection of new features that further upgrades multi-tasking and productivity, while enhancing personalization and offering new levels of creativity. Users will enjoy improved S Pen support and the ability to easily open and resize multiple apps, then view them across the screen layered on top of each other. 
“Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 created a new category by delivering content creation capabilities in addition to content consumption,” said Mike Abary, senior vice president of consumer IT product marketing, Samsung Electronics America. “However, we always strive to deliver unexpected value to our customers. By providing not just Jelly Bean, but dramatic improvements to the multitasking and S Pen features on the devices, we’re ensuring that the Galaxy Note 10.1 remains at the forefront of innovation.” 
A range of features have been introduced which aim to further boost the capabilities of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 including: 
Multi-tasking & Productivity: 
Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 pioneered the innovative Multi Window feature which lets consumers experience a dual view, running two apps side-by-side on the screen. The new, updated Galaxy Note 10.1 enhances the experience further in a variety of ways: 
Cascade View: The feature allows users to freely resize, move and pin selected applications in multiple views, running them simultaneously or while operating the home-screen. This PC-like feature will help users to be more productive, and actually do multiple tasks at one time. 
Air View: Allows users to use S Pen to conveniently and quickly preview content without having to open it. This feature allows user to preview video while scrubbing, preview email attachments without opening, preview photos without opening the album, and more. 
Quick Command: With Quick Command, the S Pen quickly activates applications and services that are used most often by allowing you to write command shortcuts using customized and preset S Pen strokes. 

Enhanced Personalization: 
Enhanced handwriting: Users can quickly and easily send personalized handwritten notes and memos to friends and family via email, as well as hand-write directly into their S Planner 
Enhanced S Note: S Note now features additional ready-to-use templates; allows users to add effects to their digital content with Idea Sketch; and enables the insertion of video directly into not only Note templates but also other templates. Users can also launch S Note directly from their home-screen for added convenience. 
Easy Clip: Allows users to select and clip content to save, paste or share in seconds. 
Photo Note: Add personalized handwritten notes on the back of your photos to help capture the moment. 
Paper Artist: Besides enabling users to enliven sketches or content with different color or pencil styles, Paper Artist enables over 30 artistic effects that can be applied to images or media. Users can also draw or write onto the content and share it with others. 
A smarter S Pen: The S Pen now allows users to select writing or color modes at the touch of a button, or unlock the home-screen simply by removing the S Pen. 
Both the Wi-Fi versions of Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1 and 7.0) will benefit from the core improvements of Android 4.1 which features a more intuitive user interface, faster performance and response times across applications, and an overall smoother user experience. This is also complemented by an enhanced user interface optimized for the 10.1-inch screen. 
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