Saturday, January 19, 2013

Snappgrip To Turn Your Samsung Galaxy SIII, iPhone Into A Point & Shoot Camera

Snappgrip To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Point & Shoot Camera

Let us say that you use your phone for more than talking, yep that is why you got a smartphone. Let us say you are a instagram or the newly release Flickr app junkie, photographing everything in sight and posting them online! Well we have got a suggestion for you, and me.
Me because I carry a camera with me all the time and mine is a heavy expensive DSLR and it hard to carry it around. Since I switched to iPhone 5 recently (Shame on you Google, for making me wait so long for the Nexus 4) I see that I do not need a big camera to fulfill my everyday simple needs of photography. iPhone 5 does a good job with Photography.

Alright, now to the suggestion, if you own an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy SIII and the like, you can do away with having to haul a full sized DSLR around the whole day. On the other hand why spend hundreds of dollars on a point and shoot, when your smartphone is capable of doing exactly the same.But these phones lack true camera feel When taking photos. I like to have better grip and a shutter button that allows me to focus when half pressed. Well someone, Snapgripp has come out with a solution. Snappgrip is a successfully funded Kickstarter project for a smartphone case that provides a point and shoot grip.

Snappgrip connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth transforming your smartphone into an actual point and shoot camera with all the camera functions you’d expect, such as half press to focus, full press to release the shutter, in and out zoom and even a tripod mount. I am sure Snappgrip gives a much more comfortable feel when taking photos than having to tap the screen to take a one. The design is very nice and you don't have fee ashamed to attach it to your pricey smart phone.

If you think it is the ting for you, there's a few days  on their Kickstarter campaign to make your preorder by making a pledge. The case will ship by February, at least that is the plan of the project by Lee Harris.


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