Monday, February 23, 2009

Asterisk Call Processing Monitor, QueueMetrics 1.5.1 Released.
QueueMetrics 1.5.1 comes with a whole bunch of improvements and bug fixes. The call center tool for Asterisk provides your agents better insight into the system wide call processing Also improved is the tracking of outbound calls made by agents, and a set of features that are meant to smooth the transition to the Asterisk 1.6 platform. QueueMetrics now support the Oreka recording solution as an audio storage medium. This should be good news for call centers or otheres who wants to factor out call recordings from the main Asterisk server.

There is also a long list of new features since QueueMetrics 1.5.0 and fixed bugs in the original news release.

You can download this QM from the downloads page. As an alternative, if you run RHEL/CentOS/TrixBox/AAH, you can install it automatically using yum - see the installation page.

The updated User Manual has been released jointly.


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