Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cheap VoIP WithT-Mobile HotSpot @Home Talk Forever Home Phone

The Talk Forever Home Phone plan, according to T-Mobile, is for those who want to keep their home phone but say goodbye to their expensive home phone bill. If you want to have this service, you will need the following:
• Existing high-speed Internet connection
• T-Mobile Wireless Router with Home Phone Connection
• A qualifying T-Mobile mobile voice rate plan and the Talk Forever Home Phone plan
• A compatible home phone: 5.8 GHz cordless phone(s) or traditional touchtone phone(s)
Yes that is T-Mobile VoIP service that is offered for $10 a month.
T-Mobile customers can add a new T-Mobile home phone line that includes unlimited nationwide calling, true Caller ID, voice mail and many other included features.
HotSpot @HomeSM Talk Forever Home Phone plan is currently available for our customers in Seattle and Dallas only.
Learn more here, at T-Mobile.

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