Wednesday, July 13, 2011

InMobi, 78% Our Mobile Ads Are On Smartphones!

InMobi Mobile Ads
InMobi published enough data about mobile advertisements, to keep any ad mob occupied for a while.
The 78% in the second quarter of 2011 was a 11% raise from the first quarter. InMobi is expecting this percentage to go up even further. They believe 90% of the ads will be on smartphones by fourth quarter.
InMobi served 18.7 billion mobile ads in North America during the second quarter and of which Android has the honor of taking first place with 33.2% but iOS share has grown since last quarter. iOS share now stands at 29.3% and it was 23% last January. So if you are planing to build mobile apps or to advertise on mobile devices, that is something to think about. There is one section, you can forget about, RIM went down to 13.9%. (Comscore had a different story last January, even in that Android was winning)
InMobi via Techcrunch (What happened to the interface TC, it is a bit lame but fast though!


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