Saturday, July 30, 2011

OpenSIPS 1.6 eBootcamp, Get Ready For A Torrent Of SIP Technology

OpenSIPS 1.6 eBootcamp

OpenSIPS is holding a eBootcamp on OpenSIPS 1.6. This bootcamp is unique in itself because it is held over the Internet for over 7 weeks. Participants will learn from downloading installing and configuring and on to administration of OpenSIPS. It will start on September 19th 2011. The ebootcamp will accept late registrations up until 12th September 2011. So you better hurry. Contact for registration and more information
The users will learn how to authenticate users, install a GUI to help with daily administration, forward calls to the PSTN through Dialplan, integrate Asterisk and Voice Mail, Presence agent, Load Balancing, Traverse Nat for SIP and generate CDR records to a Radius Server. At the end, you will learn how to use troubleshooting tools to solve end user problems.
This is basically the same OpenSIPS Bootcamp but help over a broadband connection over a longer period, seven weeks to be exact.

"The live classes will be taken online by web-conference every Tuesday and Thursday 03:00PM GMT, 11:00AM EDT 08:00AM, PDT. To attend this training you will need to have broadband Internet access. You are going to receive a DVD with a virtual machine to run the labs. The virtual machine will be available in the VMWARE format. You can download the free VMWARE player to run the VM. We suggest that you have one separate desktop or server for your VM and at least one IP Phone/ATA in your private labs to complete the training. A LMS (Learning management system) will be available with forums, quizzes and support materials."
The course of learning will cover key objectives;

Install OpenSIPS on a Linux Machine
Routing basics and the default configuration
OpenSIPS authentication using MySQL and Memcache
Install OpenSIPS control Panel.
Connect to the PSTN using Dialplan and Dynamic Routing
Voicemail integration using Call Forward and AVPs
Implement a presence agent
Understand important aspects of load balancing and high availability
Implement SIP NAT traversal using RTPProxy
Account Calls to MySQL
How to use test and monitoring tools to check your configuration


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