Wednesday, July 20, 2011

AstLinux 0.7.9 Is Yours For The Taking!

AstLinux Firewall
AstLinux 0.7.9
The AstLinux Team has announced the 0.7.9 release of AstLinux. This update covers several updates and bug fixes related to Asterisk. All current users are encouraged to upgrade at your earliest convenience.
AstLinux is a Linux distribution for Digium's open source IPPBX, Asterisk.

AstLinux contains powerful networking features including:

Supported platforms include:

  • Soekris net4801 and net5501
  • VIA C3 and C7 based systems
  • PCEngines ALIX and WRAP
  • Generic x86 PC Hardware

The following telephony hardware cards are supported:

  • Digium
  • Rhino Equipment
  • Sangoma
  • mISDN v1


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