Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Amazon Android Tablet In October (RumorMill)

Amazon Android Tablet, October
We all have spoken thought and sort of knew about the android tablet from Amazon. With the now famous "Amazon App Store" it is hard to imagine, Amazon without it's own tablet.
WSJ has garnered some information on the matter and telling us that we will see the Amazon Tablet in October.
The tablet is said to be somewhere around 9", powered by Android OS and will be produced by an Asian company which Amazon has outsourced the task.
Amazon will also release two Kindles, one with touch screen and the other without. Both will sport the ink on paper interface and said to take on B&N's and Kobo's readers square on. With that in mind, Amazon is also introducing a new varience of the current Kindle. AT&T ad supported Kindle 3G has been introduced at $139. If you want the ad free version, you need to pay $189.
I like the news, more Androids on the market, nasties like Apple and M$ will have hard time suing all at once.
Androids March on and I, just got an iPad 2. I paid for an AT&T version of 3G 16GB tablet and got a AT&T 3G, 64GB version. I am not complaining. And that is another story!



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