Friday, March 18, 2011

Android Continue to Lead iOS In Mobile Ad Share, Owns 51% : Millennial

Android Continue to Lead

According to Millennial Media’s monthly mobile report for the third month in a row, Android continued to lead iOS as the largest Smartphone OS on the Millennial network with over half 51% of all U.S. mobile ad impression share, which accounted to be about 21 billion each. Millennial ads reach 90.3 million users monthly in the U.S. and is the third largest mobile advertiser bihind AdMob and iAD. You can read about our report on the same subject on February Millennial Monthly Mix
In the ad network Apple's iOS has 27% share and Blackberry (RIM) found a chunk of 14& which is actually higher than previous month.
From the Millennial Monthly Mix;
  • Samsung grew 50% month-over-month to reclaim the number two position on the Top 15 Manufacturers ranking. The Samsung Galaxy Tablet made its debut as a Top 30 Mobile Device – the first Android Connected Device to make our ranking. Samsung also had three new Smartphones enter the Top 30 Mobile Devices ranking in February: the Samsung Fascinate, the Samsung Forte, and the Samsung Captivate.
  • The Verizon iPhone launch had on impact on overall iPhone impressions on our network. In the first two weeks the device launched, it represented 4.5% of all U.S. iPhone impressions.
  • Android continued to lead iOS as the largest Smartphone OS on our network for the third consecutive month, with a 51% impression share in February.
  • According to eMarketer, Apple was the clear leader in tablet device sales, with more than 10 million Apple iPads sold in 2010. Apple is predicted to remain the market leader over the next two years, selling an estimated 50 million devices by 2012. This year, Android and Microsoft tablet sales are both expected to grow more than 400%. More than 32 million Android tablets are predicted to be sold by 2012.
Millennial Blog via Techcrunch


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