Thursday, March 10, 2011

DOMO To Bring People Even Closer, In A Mobile Sort Of Way! Domome Please!

Domo Domome
The same people who brought you Sekai Camera, augmented reality service, has released a new mobile app for iPhone and Android, Domo. The app is being tauted as a pre-social because it allows strangers to become socially connected.
Domo gathers information from your public profile in Facebook, and let the other users around you see it and find out what he(she) and you have in common.It allows one to find people who shares common interests,  exchange messages or just say hello to get connected.
Type of interests you can share with domo
- Work
- Education
- Entertainments (Movies/TVs/Musics/Books)
- Groups
- Other things you liked using Facebook
- Fine control of privacy. NO UNWILLING PRIVACY INVASION.
- Importing profiles from Facebook.
- Browsing the people around you.
- Browsing the interests they have.
- Find out what interests other people share with you in common.
- Exchange text messages and pictures.
- Say domo.
(The term "domo" means a lot in Japanese. For example, it can be used for "hello", "thank you", "sorry" and so on.) (this I tend not to agree because Domo is an adjective to most of the above words, like in "Domo Arigatau" (Thank you, very much, Arigatau = thank you)
Find out more about domo at Domome
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