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A Sprint In Your Google Voice, Or Vise Versa.

A Sprint In Your Google Voice, Or Vise Versa.

Yesterday we wrote about Google Nexus S 4G on Sprint with integrated Google Voice. I was so excited about the Nexus S 4G, I almost did not pay attention to the Google Voice part of it. By reading a Post on Googleblog (Cross-posted from the Google Voice Blog) explains to process in bit more depth.
Google Voice has come a long way since the Grand Central days, where I got my feet wet with what is now Google Voice.
Google Voice already comes in as mobile versions and you can use it with your existing numbers or as of lately, you can even port your mobile number to the Google Voice. By doing so means one can make the mobile number you’ve always used your Google Voice number, so it can ring any phone or computer you want.

So obviously the next step is to work with Carriers to integrate Google Voice with mobile phones. If you remember the AT&T / iPhone / Google Voice fiasco, you will understand how short sighted some carriers are. They even went as far as complaining to FCC about how bad Google Voice for not connecting to spam numbers! But then again, there are others who see the light early on, like Sprint.

Sprint customers will be the first in line to be able to do so. So now Sprint customers who uses Google Voice, will be able to use their mobile number as their Google Voice number.
This means a lot to Sprint customers as they can have all the benefits of Google Voice without having to port or change their numbers.
Additionally if so desired, Google Voice users can replace Sprint number with Google Voice number when making calls or sending TEXT messages from their Sprint phone.

In both the above cases, Google Voice will assume the tasks of Sprint Voicemail allowing Sprint customers to receive transcribed voicemail as email or TEXT messages. Another benefit is the International calls at low rates. International calls made from Google Voice users’ Sprint phones will be connected by Google Voice at Google's very low rates.
Also all other feature of Google Voice, like call recording, blocking unwanted calls, and personalized voicemail greetings based on the callers number, will be available to users.
These benefits will be avilable to Sprint users in the USA and will gradually be availble to all Google Voice users. Check your Google Voice account.
To learn more please visit

Official Google Blog: Sprint integrates Google Voice


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